Cold was the night. Shadows crept along the windows of the local hospital. The lights were dim inside, meaning that it was the night shift that roamed the halls. The patients’ rooms were closed and dark. One room in particular housed a sleeping new mother. She let out soft sighs as she slumbered. A cradle was beside her. Her newborn child laid inside, quiet and still, only stirring slightly in sleep. No sound was made except for the two’s breathing. As the clock hands ticked by, another hand was moving as well. Attached to an obscure being cloaked in darkness. Its shadow washed over the woman, reaching towards her face. The clawed digits edging closer to her. But it was interrupted by a soft cooing. The being glided over to the cradle, to the little one inside. Glowing eyes emerged from the darkness and peered over the baby. Extending only a single finger, the creature moved over the child. It’s talon looming over. The being paused when it was met by a sensation. The baby had reached up and taken in hand the creature’s finger. Holding it between its own. The creature shuddered at the touch. Its golden eyes brightening. As the two held their grasp, the creature’s shadowy features began to melt away, soon revealing a man. He looked over the small one and a smile formed along his lips. He bent down to the baby and placed a single kiss upon its forehead. He looked closer and saw the coloring of the little cap. Pink. A girl. His smile grew wider. He gently laid down the little girl’s hand that still held his now human finger. He knelt down beside her and began to rock the little cradle. He began to whistle. A tune he knew very well. The little girl listened and let out a small yawn. And her grip began to loosen. As his finger became free he slowly removed it. He stood up and walked quietly over to the mother. He stared a gentle gaze upon her. He lightly sat on the bed and slowly placed a hand upon her cheek. Caressing it. The woman calmly stirred. Opening her eyes in a tired manner. Her eyes soon focused on the man before her, but instead of surprise, she looked at him with fondness. A knowing smile formed as she rested her head upon his hand. “Hello,” she said quietly. The man smiled back at her. “Hello,” he mimicked. They stayed in that softness for a few moments. “Sorry I’m late,” said the man. The woman only chuckled. “No worries,” she said. She kissed his hand. The man continued his smile. He leaned down to where the two’s foreheads touched. “Thank you for making me a father.”